Welcome to John and Mary Munch's SCUBA dive trip pictures

Cayman Brac
(November 2018)
South coast of Portugal
(May 2018)
PNG, Solomon Islands and Fiji
(March, April 2017)
(January, February 2016)
Kaua'i, Hawaii
(March 2015)
2 weeks, 30+ dives
Great (and easy) dive trip
One dive near Sargres.
Not a dive trip but 7 weeks in Portugal.
6 weeks, 60+ dives
in the south Pacific.
1 month, 65 dives
at Crystal Blue and with Atlantis
with Bubbles Below

Puerto del Carmen,
(October 10, 2015)
British Columbia Sunshine Coast
(November 2014)
Sea of Cortez
(September 2014)
Haida Gwaii and Alaska
(May 2014)
Lanzarote Is, Canary Isl on the Nautilus Swell on the Rocio Del Mar on the Nautilus Swell

Red Sea
(June 2013)
(March 2013)
British Columbia
(June 2012)
(October/November 2011)
Baha West Coast and
Southern California
(June/July 2010)
With Chris Bartlett
of Indigo Safaris
Small Hope Bay Lodge
Nautilus Swell
Quadra Island
Thetus Island
2 months and 106 dives fun trip
but not many pictures!

Bequia Island (SVG)
(January 2009)
Vancouver Island
(June 2008)
Australia, PNG,
Solomons and Fiji
(October/November 2007)
CA Channel Islands
(May 2007)
Cabo Pulmo
(April 2007)
Roca Partita
(April 2007)
Clipperton Island
(April 2007)
Visiting Heather and Marc
Certifying Marc!!
Two weeks aboard
the Natulius Explorer.
9 weeks, 130 dives
in the south Pacific.
Later on the same trip as Clipperton Just a couple of days here
after Cliperton
On the way back from Clipperton
Great Dolphin encounter
Extremely remote island
in the eastern Pacific.

Socorro Islands
(March 2006)
(July 2006)
Channel Islands and
San Diego
(November 2005)
Cayman Brac
(February 2005)
Channel Islands
and San Diego
(December 2004)
St. Kits, St. Martin and Saba
(July 2004)
Roca Partita is a Mexican
National Park
Our second trip
to southeast Alaska.
Southern CA
San Diego Area
A winter trip
to be underwater again.
A winter trip
to dive in southern CA.
We spent a week on
The Caribbean Explorer II

Kona, Hawaii
(September 2004)
La Paz, Baha
(January 2004)
(August 2003)
(June 2003)
We had a great time
diving the big island
Off season,
but a great time anyway.
Amazing country,
above and below water.
We spent a week on
"Ocean Hunter".

(January 2003)
Vancouver Island
(September 2002)
(January 2002)
(September 2001)
We dove in many locations
around Florida.
Lots of cool invertebrates,
including giant octopus.
We really saw lots of sharks
and got some pictures this time.
We saw lots of sharks,
but got no pictures of them.

And a few from Home