Pictures from our September 2002 trip to Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

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All pictures taken by Mary and John Munch. Please use them for your personal use only. Copyright (c) 2002

Vancover Island

We drove to Port Alberni where we were picked up by boat and taken to the Rendevous Dive resort on Barkley Sound. There we were the guests of Dave and Renate Christie for 4 days of diving.
The Rendevous lodge.
We used the small aluminum boat because there were only 4 of us diving.

Then we drove to the far north of the island to Port Hardy where we were picked up by boat and taken to the Gods Pocket Dive Resort. There we were the guests of Bill Weeks and his staff for 5 days of diving.
God's Pocket Resort.
The God's Pocket Dive Boat.

There were marine mammels of several kinds.
California and Steller Sea Lions all together.
We saw LOTS of Orcas, but only from the boat.
But we were in the water with these Pacific Whiteside Dolphins

We saw Giant Octopus on most of our dives. Most of them were out in the open, but not very interactive. However, one on the last dive wanted to play.
Out in the open, but hidden as only an octopus can.
This one is a bit more visable.
This one wanted to interact with Mary.
They like to be scratched between the eyes.
(Octopus to Mary) "I see you have plenty of air. Can I share some?"

Speaking of interaction, this Wolf Eel really wanted to be petted, so Mary obliged.

Dive operations in BC won't accomidate spearfishing, so they grow them BIG.
Ling Cod
Reef Fish

But the small ones were really cool.
This Decorator War Bonnet was one of the most interesting.
But so are these.
The view from inside a "ball" of Anchovies.

There are 6 Gill Sharks there, but we didn't see any.
The small Rat Fish was the only shark we encountered.

Tube Worms are my favorite.
This striking black one only occurs in the northwest. Eudistylia vancouveri
Serpula vermicularis

Or maybe it was nudibranchs that are my favorite.
Hermissenda crassicornis
Hermissenda crassicornis
Triopha catalinae
Tochuina tetraquetra
Tritonia festiva
Diaulula sandiegensis (?)
Anisodoris nobilis (?)
Dirona albolineata
Dirona albolineata
Aldisa ablomarginata (?)

The Sea Pens are Orange there.
Ptilosarcus gurneyi

There are 2 kinds of Metridium there. Sometimes they are in the same area.
Metridium senile.
Metridium giaganteum.

And a variety of other Anenomes.

Yellow Zoanthid

And Barnicles


And other great invertebrates.
Lots of Acorn Barnicles
Pinto(?) Abalone.
Basket Stars were abundant on some dives
Comb Jelly in blue water.
Sea Cucumber
Gargonians this far north!
Pink Mouth Hydroid
Hydroid with Barnicles

Sea Scallop
All in an old Barnicle Shell.
Spagetti Worm
White Cucumber